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The Days Beyond

My first official novel, titled "The Days Beyond" which has earned several 5-star reviews, can be found on  or at Smashwords and Channillo as a series.

Its the story of Lionel Hesse, a 39 year old man who awakes next to the body of his dead wife, Jackie.  Accused of her murder, things are complicated when he realizes he has amnesia spanning a two and a half year period prior to her death!  After an attempt is made on his life, Lionel begins to realize there is more to her death than he originally thought, and in the roller-coaster of events that follow he finds himself running out of time, while time may also turn out to be his only ally in his quest at redemption and resolution!

This is an action packed adventure thriller, with a touch of romance and science fiction.  Over 100000 words long, it is a good value for money read!  But don't just take my word for it, check out the reviews on it from others who have already read it.  There has also been some interest in the movie rights for the book, which I am extremely excited about!  

 December Dead

My second novel, "December Dead" can be found at Amazon, Smashwords and Channillo right now! 

They thought it would happen in 2000, and then again in 2012, but this December could very well be the last one the human race ever sees!  For Amanda Hoyer and her twelve-year old son, Jimmy, the fate of humanity has been placed unexpectedly in their hands!  From the jungles of South America, to the mountain village of Hogsback in South Africa, they will fight not only for the continued existence of the human race, but also for each other, in a spine-chilling tale of nature, survival and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, a journey of apocalyptic proportions you will not soon forget!

Grab your copy now!

About Me

Born and raised in East London, South Africa, I was the second youngest of eight children.  My parents were poor, and got divorced when I was eight months old.  I found both my escape and my entertainment in books by authors such as Stephen King and Dean R. Koontz.  I started writing from around the age of 14, beginning with a 90000 word horror story called "Hybrid", written by hand in an A4 hardcover Croxley book, which is when I realized I could do this!  For many years thereafter I got distracted by life - work, family and studying.  Now, after 25 years I have decided to take up my favorite past-time again!  Check out excerpts from my novels, reviews or Contact me directly for general queries or to post reviews.

General Information and News

Fun Fact: In all my stories I try to keep things as real as possible.  The medical conditions mentioned in "The Days Beyond" actually exist, and references to people that have experienced similar events are true and based on actual happenings. 

In "December Dead" the origin of the infection, and references to the ants in South America, are scientifically documented and actually exist! 

The basis of my story for "The Trembling" is set around actual events in Brazil and South Africa in 1996, and the writings of Elisabeth Klarer as described in her book "Beyond the Light Barrier".

I believe this adds to the success and realism of my tales, and hopefully provides the reader with a satisfying and absorbing read, fiction - but real!

EXCITING NEWS:  ALL of my books are now available in PAPERBACK!!  That's right, you can order your own paperback copy of your favorites from Amazon.   

 The Trembling

My third novel, The Trembling, is now out!  Writing this one took a lot longer than anticipated, but from the response I've had it may all have been worth it!  The story of Blake Turner, a quiet, unassuming engineer, who meets and falls in love with the mysterious Jade Vega, a beautiful woman who hides a secret so big that it threatens to destroy every ounce of Blake's sanity!  An action adventure thriller, with a touch of sci-fi and the supernatural, sure to be a big hit with both male and female fans. It is available NOW at Amazon as well as at Smashwords.


I am hoping to become a full time writer, and I can only do that with YOUR help!  As a fan, you can support me by purchasing and reviewing my novels, as well as sharing this page via your Twitter or Facebook!  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website!  My favorite thing about being an independently published or "Indie" author, is that I get to communicate and interact with my fans!  This was virtually impossible for readers to do twenty years ago, and I hope that it adds to the experience you get from reading my imaginings!  Follow me on Twitter @WayneRoux or on Facebook or at my Blog.


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